The development of the city of Houston through tactics of territorial annexation created a city fabric that is a patchwork of linear gaps and lacunae, empty spaces between places, excluded as other and outer. We identified these contested spaces as Houston’s internal frontier and thus a new edge for inhabitation. Typologically, the project takes the form of an inhabited wall. As a cabinet for the body, the wall contains in its poche the spaces for daily reproduction, thus freeing the space of the dwelling for living and working. Opposed to the autonomous unit of the home, the linear archetype is instead a homogenous bar with an open and negotiable interior, countering the paradigm of partition and subdivision within domestic space. 

By reclaiming the generic character of the home and reorganizing its parts into a highly specific cabinet of living, the body becomes the centerpiece for restructuring domestic space. Complete privacy can only be claimed within the wall, while the generic space is necessarily a zone of contestation and resolution, a place of voluntary impermanence. In this opposition between intimate space and shared space, the project allows for the entire spectrum of dwelling and cohabitation. There is both the potential for total seclusion the possibility of a participatory collective space.

With Brittany Utting

Advanced studio with Pier Vittorio Aureli

H.I. Feldman Award Nominee